Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm back...

I’m back from hiatus..dah lama gila tak update blog ni..being busy with macam2..mood pun kadang timbul kadang one time rasa macam nak terus stop berblogging..being irritated with some jokes that wasn’t fun at all..i’m glad that I still back on track.. T_T

kata orang sebab pulut santan binasa, sebab mulut badan binasa…sometimes kita nak lari dari masalah tapi makin kita lari dari masalah, semakin dekat kita dengannya.. kita rasa bergurau itu perlu tapi sometimes bila dah terlebih bergurau pun boleh disalah erti.. how I wish I could turn back better you just keep quiet hoping that things will become clearer..

so, apa update terbaru?..huh, tak ada special sgt kot kisah hidup aku..but I would like to congrats two of my good friend yang baru saja bergelar ibu..the first one is my good friend yg aku kenal since first aku masuk unitar dlm tahun 2001..still ingat zaman2 rock kapak kami yg koru dulu....missed the moment a lot..banyak kenangan suka duka with her..kisah perkenalan dgn en hubby pun ada kena mengena dgn dia..gara2 nak temankan dia datelah aku pun terjebak sama..we both get married in the same year, beza  bulan, she live happily with her husband with two cutie gegirls..the 1st one named, Putri Nur Adriana and the latest one is Putri Nur Adelia..both so cute..congrats mummy Ina and daddy Awin..

Putri Nur Adelia with her mommy..

my 2nd good friend is chikot..before this I always mentioned her name in this blog..congrats to her and her husband fatil (aka abg ngah) for their new born baby girl named Puteri Dhia Erisya (semua pun nak letak nama puteri)…very cute and bam bam…sekali tengok cam her daddy but the skin is more to her mummy…looking at their eyes, I can see a lot of excitement especially abg ngah..happy sgt kot first time jadi daddy..congrats and aku tumpang happy for both of you…

Puteri Dhia Erysha..(photo frm fb daddy dhia)..

and congrats also to this 3 person..all of them about to be a mother for the 2nd time..they know who they are..congrats dan selamat menempuhi cabaran dlm 9 bulan akan datang..

owh, please don’t ask me again the “cepu mas” question..i can become very emo the whole day..sapa tak nak jadi mummy and daddy..I’m more than ready…maybe it sounded cliché but the truth is rezekinya belum ada..maybe we haven’t try harder  but we will never stop trying..just pray for both of us..

ok, dah habis membebel2 malam ni..need to get some good rest coz semalam tak cukup tido gara2 aktiviti badminton...finished 2 days training today then esok need to get back to work..kerja berlambak2..tak tau nak capai yg mana dulu..due date dah I wish the weekend would stay longer so that I don’t have to face the hectic working day…sigh…



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